Demand Our Money Back!

The Coalition Government is cutting funding to local authorities.

Brighton & Hove will be hit particularly hard as the Government is cutting a THIRD of the council’s funding over the next 4 years. The loss of around £43 million will force councillors to choose between vital services.

Cuts like these are unprecedented and grossly unfair. They take from the poorest and most vulnerable in society who depend on vital local services like housing and social care.

While slashing money from council budgets, the Coalition Government has been enticing councils into freezing council tax. Their grant offer, equivalent to a one-year council tax rise of 2.5%, pretends to help people but it will leave many councils worse off financially.

For Brighton and Hove, accepting this grant will mean an additional £5.4 million shortfall in funds over the next 2 years compared to a modest, below inflation rise of 3.5% – or £3 per month for the average household.

There are alternatives to these cuts that the Government should implement instead. These include:

Introducing a tax on financial trading (the Robin Hood Tax). Even a tax rate of a fraction of a percent could raise more than a hundred billion pounds. [ref]

Clamping down on tax avoidance. Around 500,000 companies a year fail to pay their tax. Just clamping down on this tax avoidance would put tens of billions back in the public purse. [ref]

Reducing Britain’s debt at a sensible pace through growth not cuts. UK debt is much lower than it has been for most of the last century. We are not at risk of default like Greece and can pay our debts back through taxes when the economy is in a stronger position. [ref]

Investing in the economy. Creating jobs will boost the economy and cut the deficit. You don’t have to be an economist to realize that!

Click here to sign the petition calling on Government to restore funding to Brighton and Hove.


One thought on “Demand Our Money Back!

  1. Cutting local government finance is destroying Local government democracy It means that whatever the electorate voted for and whatever party is in office they will have to drastically reduce services and cuts jobs.
    GIVE US BACK OUR £17 million

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